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I know a lot of people are upset about T. Swift winning the Entertainer of the Year again, at the ACM’s last night. Fine, whatever. But don’t talk so much shit on her. You can be upset, annoyed, etc she won again when other nominees were much deserving, (I’ll even admit she shouldn’t have won), but she has still takes every single one of her awards like it’s a surprise. She clearly still doesn’t believe that she is good enough to be beating out people like Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, etc. I’m gonna venture to guess that part of that is because of the names she’s called, been called.

Stop saying those things. Just because they’re celebrities, doesn’t mean they’re not people. It doesn’t mean that they don’t get affected by our words just as much.

But it also is almost nice that they’ve had to deal with that, because they are good models of how to get through it all.


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The Climb - Miley Cyrus

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